India is a land encompassing various rich cultures, amazing ancient monuments & heritages and picturesque locations clubbed with friendly and warm people, generous hospitality and helpful and kind natured Indians. A trip to India is a memory to behold forever.

Plan your tour to fascinating India now to experience warm welcome and a treatment like emperors received. However, it’s always advisable to exercise caution when travelling not only to India but anywhere in the world. To make your experience more joyous and profound, here are some travel tips for a safe and healthier stay.


  • Plan your trip well in advance and make a rough itinerary to book accommodation and transport.
  • Have comprehensive health insurance and carry your medical kit.
  • Make sure to carry photocopies of important documents like passport, visa, driving license, etc. as backup.
  • Make a note of emergency numbers and always keep with you.
  • Credit cards and debit cards are widely accepted in India here however, it would be wise to carry some local currency (Indian Rupees) as well to deal with sticky situations just in case at remote areas.
  • Always take prepaid taxis or registered cabs to prevent being overcharged.
  • Consider traffic jams and take precaution by leaving early to airports and other time bound destinations.


There are innumerable hotels, guest houses and other accommodations available at every tourist destination in India, each equipped with abundant comforts and amenities.
  • You can avail from plenty of five star hotels, budget hotels, guest houses, YMCA or YWCA hostels, etc. in advance as well.


India is a very welcoming and friendly country towards their foreigner guests. Indians exhibit kind, gentle and warm gestures to their guests but it’s always better to take precautions wherever you go in the World. Here is a check list and ‘do’s n don’t’ while on move to India to ensure your safety:
  • Keep your documents safe in lockers provided by hotels or carry them safely in your money bag along with cards and cash.
  • Do not buy travel tickets from unauthorized persons.
  • Avoid late night trolls in deserted areas.
  • It will be helpful to familiarize yourself with words or phrases that are commonly used.
  • It’s better if you do not give an impression about your unfamiliarity with India.
  • You may find people staring at you, especially in some remote locations where people don’t often witness city culture, but there is no need for concern. It is just their curiosity.
  • Always shop from government emporiums.

Food and Drinks:

The delicacies of India are famous and liked by all across the globe and you must try local foods to tickle your taste buds. However, as Indians are a bit fond of spices and your stomach may not be tuned to such platter, here are few tips you can follow to enjoy ‘top of world’ delicacies without upsetting your stomach:
  • Stay hydrated, you may drink plenty of coconut water.
  • Avoid street food and avoid spicy food.
  • Always eat from respectable restaurants and hotels.
  • Always drink from bottled water. Never drink tap water as all tap water may not be treated sufficiently to make it safe for drinking; we use filters and Reverse Osmosis to treat water further for drinking.
  • Eat only well cooked food, avoid raw produces.
  • Include Probiotics and Travelan to keep you healthy.


  • Carry light and loose cotton clothes with a pair of comfortable open sandals if visiting India in summer.
  • Use sunglasses and wide hat to protect yourself from UV rays.
  • For Hill stations, you many need light sweaters or jackets in the evenings and early mornings.
  • In winters you may do with light winter clothes in most parts of India. For hill stations, pack appropriately in winters.


Every individual is free to do as per his/her will in the democratic India within bounds of law and order; however, as the famous proverb goes ‘Act like a Roman when in Rome’, here are few tips on Indian culture that may assist you when you visit religious sites:

  • When visiting temples, it’s customary to leave footwear outside the temple in order to show respect to the deities.
  • Our rivers are considered holy and are respected by every citizen; hence do not enter great Rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, etc. with your footwear on.
  • You may be asked to deposit leather shoes, belts and bags at the entrance of some temples as items made of leather are not allowed inside such temples to pay respect to the beliefs.

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